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And hello Spring Cleaning Deals
Bundles of Skura cleaning tools that will keep you smiling as you say buh-bye to winter and Hello SPRING.

Spring into SPRING Bundle
$21 (YOU SAVE 10%)

  • One pack of Skura Style antimicrobial sponges that don’t smell. Fade-to-Change® technology lets you know when to replace them.
  • Two 2-packs of VERY SKRUBBY heavy duty scouring pads. Unbelievably tough on winter grunge.

Get HAPPY Bundle
$21 (YOU SAVE 10%)

  • One 2-pack of Towel TA-DA! Towels are double-sided 100% cotton with a light weight terry side and a flat lint-free side.
  • One box of WIPE ENVY with ten white super soft microfiber cloths. Better than paper towels. Reusable. Wash them up to 20 times.

Howdy CLEAN FREAK Bundle
$21 (YOU SAVE 10%)

Three packages of WIPE ENVY microfiber cloths.

  • Each box has 10 super soft white wipes.
  • Reusable. Each one can be washed up to 20 times.
  • Better than paper towels.