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Clean Start

Clean Start

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The ultimate trial kit to upgrade your old school clean routine includes:

  • One 4-pack of antimicrobial sponges that don’t smell.  Fade-to-Change® technology lets you know when to replace them.  Called the “Tesla” of sponges, they earn five star reviews from clean freaks.
  • One 2-pack of VERY Skrubby scouring pads.  Tough describes this workhorse.  Your Dutch oven will love them.  So will you. Promise.
  • One 8-pack of WIPE ENVY microfiber cloths.  Say buh-bye to paper towels.  And hello to the oh-so soft way to wipe down everything. Counters, stainless steel, glass, faucets.  Washable up to 20 times each!

  • Limit one per new customer

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