About Us – Skura Style

We believe the kitchen is the happiest part of the home, so every square inch of it should bring a smile to your face. We couldn’t understand why the kitchen sponge hadn’t kept pace and wasn’t as well designed as the kitchen it lives in. Even garbage cans can be pretty! So our quest began to create a sponge that didn’t make us cringe—one that looks amazing, performs like a charm, and is easy to buy and replace. After all, cleaning should be beautiful.

From Best Friends to Business Partners

We met at the age of seven and became best friends after going head to head in the second grade spelling bee. Our friendship stayed strong through college, kids and family, and big careers that spanned the advertising and media worlds. We decided to take our love of great design and combine it with our inner clean-freak tendencies and marketing know-how to bring Skura Style to life. This labor of love became a journey and obsession for true clean. We never imagined that a passion for details including correct spelling (of course) would inspire us to lead a kitchen revolution.

Making Cleaning Brilliant

After years of research and learning about the sponge business, Skura Style was born. Skura, which is Swedish for “scour” and “scrub”, was inspired by the clean, fresh, happy, simple Scandinavian design sensibility. And naturally, we enlisted the help of a Swedish product designer to reimagine the sponge. Now, thanks to a love for clean, a spelling bee, and a great idea, our clean dreams have come true.

Co-founders, Alison Matz and Linda Sawyer