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Gift of Scrub

Special Holiday Price
Limited Quantities

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The clean freak in your life will be thanking you over and over again for this bundle of clean!

Arrives boxed for holiday gift-giving

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Gift of Scrub Bundle Includes:

One four pack of Skura Style sponges with an antimicrobial agent so they won’t smell. Our Fade-to-Change® technology tells you when to replace.

One package of VERY™ SKRUBBY (2-pack) double-sided heavy duty scouring pads to tackle messes.

One box of WIPE ENVY™ (10-pack) microfiber cloths to help reduce the use of paper towels.

One set of TOWEL TA-DA!™ (2-towels) double-sided, 100% cotton, highly absorbent with convenient hanging loop.

Are you sick of ick?

So were we. Research shows that the average kitchen sponge can be 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat. And that's why we created Skura Style Sponges.

How to build a better sponge


Fade-to-Change® technology lets you know when to replace your sponge


Antimicrobial agent keeps it odor resistant


Patented polyurethane foam so it's quick drying and keeps its shape

Sponge Breakdown Step 1
Sponge Breakdown Step 2
Sponge Breakdown Step 3

A sponge you can actually love? Yes, it’s a thing!

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