Today ShowFFM – Skura Style

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1. Our sponges harbor 99.9% fewer microbes

Microbes are bad and they have a thing for cellulose which is what your sponge is made of. Get rid of your old sponge and get rid of microbes.

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2. They don't smell

That’s thanks to the antimicrobial agent found in both the foam and the scouring side. Your smelly sponge can’t even spell antimicrobial.

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3. Fade-to-Change® technology lets you know when it's time to replace them

Leading microbiologists recommend you change your sponge every one to two weeks. Skura sponges are designed to let you know when to toss them for a new one. The monogram on the scouring side fades with use within 1-2 weeks. Ask a microbiologist which sponge they would choose.

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4. They're absorbent, rinse clean and dry fast completely

Skura Style sponges are made from polyurethane foam so they’re super absorbent and rinse really clean. No other sponge can pass the cheesy omelet test. And unlike us humans (and your sponge) Skura Style sponges never lose their shape or get gross.

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5. They're delivered right to your door!

Choose from two easy subscription plans. Cancel or pause it any time. Or if you’re afraid of commitment,
Skura Style sponges also come in a three pack (12 sponges) or four pack (16 sponges). There’s FREE Shipping with the three or four pack.

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How we outsmarted those other sponges

Skura Style Yucky Cellulose
Antimicrobial YES no
Stink NO! YES!
Fade-to-Change® Technology YES no
Dry Fast YES no
Rinse Really Clean YES no
4 Happy Colors YES no
Weekly Cleaning Tips YES no
Recycle Program YES no

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