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Form and Function We Love in the Kitchen

More than anywhere else in the home, smart design in the kitchen is a must. Choosing kitchen gear with both form and function goes a long way in getting the job done while letting you smile along the way. We caught up with Skura Style founders Linda Sawyer and Alison Matz, who shared their favorite pieces of inventive kitchenware.

Linda: The industrial faucet I’ve got in my kitchen looks stylish, and it can be pulled out to rinse big pots and pans. The moveable nozzle and high-pressure hose help you reach those hard-to-get-to spots and blast the grimiest leftovers.

Alison: We recently downsized to a smaller house with a more compact kitchen. This built-in microwave drawer is an ingenious space saver. And the sleek, modern design really helps make the kitchen feel more open and easy to navigate.

Linda: My husband loves to cook. These restaurant-style shelves above our kitchen island make him feel like a real chef. We’ve got massive storage potential with a decorative touch, and everything is easy to reach.

Alison: Maximizing storage space is a must in any kitchen. These floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinets are fantastic because they are super narrow, just nine inches deep, so everything is easily visible and nothing is ever hidden.

Linda: We are a hot sauce family—everything can use an extra kick! A wicker basket is a great way to organize your selection of sauce bottles side-by-side with a little southern charm.

Linda: Ceramic crates give me the feeling that my eggs are fresh off the farm from the French countryside. A small detail can really set the mood for my day.

Alison: Tinted bottles and jars will definitely win you extra style points. I love filling up these orange glass bottles to serve water at dinner parties. The extra splash of color really brings my kitchen to life, especially when the changing light hits them.