I Can Clean with That? Ordinary Tools for a True Clean – Skura Style

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I Can Clean with That? Ordinary Tools for a True Clean

There’s no need to break the budget to keep your home and life spotless. Everyday items lying around the house like socks and dryer sheets can be repurposed as a handy arsenal of cleaning tools. Try these five clever tips to freshen things up without making another run to the store.


Slipping a sock over your hand is the quickest way to zoom through the house for a light dusting. This easy sweep goes a long way in keeping fall allergens from clouding the home. And if you find yourself lost in conversation with a sock puppet, we won’t judge.


Used toothbrushes are a handy tool for reaching hard-to-get spots, like countertop corners or beneath sinks. You can also use one to remove crayon marks from walls and clean grout grime from tiled floors.

Lint Roller

Lint rollers aren’t just for clothes! Use one to clean up pesky cereal spills, or to dust lampshades and tabletops. Plus, lint rollers are also lifesavers for cleaning random debris like crumbs and glitter out of the depths of your purse.

Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets have so many unexpected uses. To start, you can de-static your gym clothes to avoid an unpleasant shock. Got bugs on your windshield? Add a little water to a dryer sheet for an instant way to wipe off the gunk. And next time you travel, throw a dryer sheet into a plastic bag for a makeshift laundry bag to keep dirty socks and underwear from stinking up the suitcase.